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A New Lease on a Long Life


Many lives have been saved and families forever changed thanks in part to the generous support of our donors.



A dedicated and compassionate caregiver at St. Joseph Hospital for decades, Melvin Schwartz and his wife demonstrated their friendship and support for the Hospital by establishing a legacy through a generous charitable planned gift.”

A New Lease on a Long Life

Twenty-five years ago, a friend of Suzanne DiLena, referred her to a cardiologist by the name of Dr. Boris Larreta. For more than two decades, she has trusted Dr. Larreta for her heart care.

Suzanne would require heart surgery just a few years after meeting Dr. Larreta. After a disagreement with the surgeon who would perform the surgery, Suzanne sought the advice of others. Conflicted, she decided to turn to someone she had grown to trust — Dr. Larreta.

Given his history with Suzanne, Dr. Larreta convinced the surgeon to let him personally supervise the procedure, which brought Suzanne peace of mind. Feeling much better about the situation, Suzanne agreed to let the surgeon perform the operation under Dr. Larreta’s supervision.

“Thank goodness he did. An issue arose during the surgery, and Dr. Larreta was able to give the surgeon the right recommendations to navigate the situation, which in turn, saved my life,” said Suzanne. “That’s why I treasure Dr. Larreta. I know I would not be here without him.”

During a follow-up visit, Suzanne and Dr. Larreta were discussing new technologies in cardiology, and he mentioned a piece of equipment that would benefit patients at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center. Suzanne generously offered to purchase the equipment for the hospital. She also left a gift in her will to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center so that the hospital could purchase more equipment in the future.

“It’s been almost 20 years since my surgery, and I still call Dr. Larreta whenever I have questions and concerns. He gave me a new lease on a long life that continues on because of the advice he continues to give to me,” said Suzanne. “My gift to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center will enable physicians to save many more lives, just as Dr. Larreta did mine.”

Bequests like Suzanne’s are easy to set up, provide an estate tax benefit and create a lasting legacy at an institution that has touched the lives of donors and their loved ones.

“We are most grateful for Suzanne’s generous gift, which is a meaningful vote of confidence in the work being done at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center. Bequests, large and small, have a significant impact on our medical center,” said Joe Ward, Executive Director of Planned Giving.

Making a bequest through a will or living trust gives donors the immediate satisfaction of creating a lasting and personal legacy that ensures Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center’s future, and costs nothing now.

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