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Tom Von Der Ahe

He’s also president of the Von Der Ahe Foundation. A family endeavor, it directs most of its charitable giving to Catholic institutions and various service organizations in the Los Angeles region. His parents are Wilfred and Mary Jane, co-founders of Vons Grocery Company. 

Tom and his wife Celeste have six children and eighteen grandchildren. 

What motivates your desire to give back?

I was taught early on by my father that a necessary part of living is to contribute to charitable organizations that see to the needs of those less fortunate. 

Why are you supporting the medical center?  

Contributions must be made not only to charitable service organizations, but to the church and it’s working with the homeless, as well at hospitals that support the community. 

Why did you agree to join the foundation board?

I believe working with the foundation is a good way to give back to our community. The foundation is also a perfect way to supply the hospital with needed funds for expansion and new medical equipment. 

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