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Michael C. Parker

Under Michael’s direction, Mole-Richardson Co. moved in 2015 from its location in Hollywood to a new, state-of-the-art facility in the northern San Fernando Valley, where Michael continues to build on his grandfather’s legacy. Michael is also a founding member of the Providence Saint Joseph Heritage 100 Fund.

Raised in the San Fernando Valley, he and his wife Debra Parker have three children, three step-children and 13 grandchildren.

What motivates your desire to give back?

Being part of a community means doing what you can to foster progress and that requires commitment from everyone. Progress is essential to the health of our community and that’s why I support the foundation.

Why are you supporting the medical center? 

Joining the foundation and supporting the Cancer Center and Emergency Room Project has allowed me to meet inspiring community leaders.

Why did you agree to join the foundation board?

Through my mother’s volunteer efforts at the hospital, our family culture was nurtured and this motivated me to be a part of this foundation

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Address: 501 S Buena Vista St, Burbank, CA 91505
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